March 7, 2008

Psalm 73:23 Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.

Well, we have had some slight frustrations this week. Mike has had to be out of town for work and he did not have the easiest week. Yesterday, I had the city come out to check on another water leak we have been having in our house. After shutting our water off and then on again from outside, the leak in the pipe worsened and water started coming up out of our floor where the pipe goes under our house. We had to have our water shut all the way off so it would not flood inside, and we will be without water until Monday when our plumber can come out to hopefully fix the problem. The pipe is either leaking under our house or in our yard somewhere.

On top of that, my doctor called today and said my hemoglobin is still dropping, so I have to go this afternoon to have a blood transfusion. I trust God to watch over me, but I would also ask your prayers that this goes smoothly. They have also delayed me a week in returning because my white blood cell count is also low, so I will not be receiving my next treatment until the 18th.

It seems like satan is really trying to discourage us this week, but I will not let him. I know that God sees what is going on, and as I said, I trust Him. I will update more tonight. I appreciate your prayers.

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