March 24, 2010

Galatians 6:9 So letís not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we donít give up.

I was going to reference this verse in my last entry, but used the one from Romans instead. In church last Sunday, the message was based on this scripture in Galatians. It spoke right to me.

My mom and I left for the airport on Monday morning around 7:15. I drove us this time, deciding to leave our car in the parking deck garage so we could drive ourselves home and no one would have to miss work. The morning went smoothly, we only had carry on bags so we did not have to wait to check our luggage. Our flight left on time and after a bit of a rocky landing, we arrived at O'Hare International just before 10. We went to the wrong terminal baggage claim (that is where I have to meet the CTCA driver regardless if we have checked baggage or not.). We eventually ended up finding the right terminal and our driver. We had the whole limo to ourselves as we made our way to the Guest Quarters. CTCA recently built a new facility/ hotel for patients and so we decided to stay there this time. It was really nice and everything still smelled new. We took the shuttle to the hospital where we met a man who was at CTCA for the first time with his wife who has had liver cancer for the last 5 years. He talked about how he helps take care of her and you could just tell how much he loves her.

I had my port accessed and we went down for lunch. They were having chicken piccata which is one of my favorite meals they serve in the cafeteria. My day seemed to be going much smoother than my last couple of visits. My doctor actually saw me early, which was another rarity. The only things they were basing this visit on were my blood work and how I feel. My blood work actually came back showing my CEA tumor marker down from 214 last month to a 139 this month! And the breast cancer tumor marker, the CA15-3, went down from a 34 to a 29. This is still a bit high for me, but is now within the "normal" range. All of my liver enzymes are back down well within normal range too!

My chemo regimen will remain the same for the next month. I had my Herceptin infusion over 30 minutes and we were able to go back to our room for the night. We ordered food in and went to bed early. We were picked up at 9 am to go back to the airport and had a smooth flight home.

The message at church on Sunday really set the atmosphere for this visit. Our assistant pastor talked about how for some of us, we are so close to reaping a harvest. Not to give up, but to press on. And he also talked about how important it is to encourage each other as we battle this life. Mike and I also took communion by ourselves on Sunday. As I ate the bread and grape juice, I just prayed for God to be the one to fill me, leaving no room for anything from the enemy. For His body and blood to purify my own body and blood.

I will go back to CTCA again in a month. I am thanking God over and over for steps in the right direction. I needed this. I like to think my faith is strong, but it really is so helpful to get some good news.  I am now asking for the rest of my blood work to line up with God's promises. I will be scanned again sometime in May.

Please thank God with me!

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