May 6, 2008

Hello everyone (this is not Amy, by the way).  I wanted to post an update on how Amy was doing.  It's been a pretty routine occurrence that her white blood cell count has gone very low after her chemo treatments.  This leaves her susceptible to illness since her immune system is weakened.  She's managed to avoid any kind of sickness so far when her blood count goes low.  Last night Amy woke up with a fever of 101 degrees, though.  The doctors had said all along that if it goes above 100.5 that she should go to the emergency room to make sure that she can fight the fever off.  Since her fever was over that point, she went to the emergency room.  By the time she got there, her fever had already gone down some, but the doctors there decided to play it safe and admit her for a day or so to keep an eye on her.  Her white blood count was at a 0.3, which was the lowest count she has had so far.  So she is there right now getting IV antibiotics to help her fight whatever her body is dealing with.

This is a fairly normal thing for people who are undergoing chemo.  Amy has been fortunate so far that she hasn't had to go to the emergency room before now (it kind of figures that it happened after her last round of treatments though!).  As soon as her blood count goes back up she should be in better shape.  Just remember to keep her in your prayers over the next couple of days.

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