May 9, 2008

I'm smiling, you just can't tell!

I'm home!

I was not feeling very well last Monday and I had a low grade fever all day. I woke up around 3 am Tuesday morning with chills so I checked my temperature. It was 101 at that point, so I took some Tylenol and waited about an hour before checking it again. When it had not gone down at all, I called CTCA. They told me I needed to go to the emergency room, so I did. I went back to Akron General and did not have to wait at all to be seen. I let them know my history, and I knew that my white blood counts were probably low since that had been the typical pattern up to this point. By now, my fever had broke from the Tylenol. My blood was taken in the ER, and I waited. Not long after, I heard the intercom system paging the nurse for room #26 with lab results. (That was my room). I knew then that my counts must be really low. The doctor came in and would only stand in the doorway, not wanting to get any closer to me. He informed me that my counts were only a .3, which is in fact the lowest they have ever been for me. I would need to be admitted and have antibiotics started. I did not get my room until about noon, so my IV was started in the emergency room. Once I got to my room, I was put on "Neutropenic precaution". I had to wear a mask on my face and anyone coming into my room had to wash their hands before they entered and also when they left, and no one could touch me. All of the nurses and doctors also wore masks before they could come into my room. I was on IV antibiotics 24 hours a day and I saw all kinds of doctors and nurses and interns, all who were really nice to me. They were very careful and extremely thorough with trying to find out why I had developed a fever. When my blood was taken again on Wednesday, my white counts were only at .7, so I was given a shot on help them along a little. By Thursday, I was at a 2.2. However, my red blood counts continued to drop so it was decided that I needed a blood transfusion. I had two pints of blood given through my IV, more antibiotics, and another shot. I also had to have a CT scan of my sinuses to make sure I did not have an infection there.  When I had my blood taken this morning, my white counts were at a 9! I know that this may not make sense to everyone, but when my blood work was first taken at CTCA back in October before I started treatment, my white counts were a 7.1. So where I am at today is higher than I was before even starting treatment. I know that the medicine definitely helped, but I am also so thankful for everyone who checked this site and remembered me in your prayers. God continues to give me more than I ask for and teaches me that I should not only hope for what I pray for, but also expect it as well. My CT scan came back clear, so I was sent home with a 10 day antibiotic. I have not had a fever at all since Tuesday afternoon.

I will write more later, but I wanted everyone to know I am home and doing very well. Thanks again for praying.

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