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28 chemotherapy treatments down... who knows how many more?!

My mom and I left Monday morning around 7 am for CTCA. Arriving at around 1:00pm central time, we were able to stop by our hotel first to unload some of our things, which makes it nicer after my appointments to feel like we're already settled in somewhere. I had my labs drawn through my hand, although they did try to start it from my arm and were not successful. From there I went downstairs to Imaging and checked in. I was taken back by the same man who always comes to get me for my scans. They remembered me from my last scans and they had a cart with lots of syringes and supplies unloaded for me, just as a joke. It always takes so may tries for anyone to start IVs on me, and it's fun that they have a sense of humor. I told them I did not let the lab tech use my wrist vein, in hopes of saving it for them. And wouldn't you know it, they started the IV in my wrist on the very first try, and they injected me with the radioactive concoction.  I went back out to the waiting room. At about 2:00, I had to drink my CT prep and a half hour later, my CT scan began. I have not had my head scanned since last August, and with a rising CEA tumor marker, I asked a few weeks ago to have everything scanned for my own piece of mind. My CT scan only takes about 20 minutes or so total; they take some pictures and then inject a dye into my IV, then take the pictures again. After this was completed, I went one room over for my bone scan. This one takes a little longer, but I was finished with everything by about 5:15. We went out to dinner and stopped by the outlet mall there before heading back to the hotel. The next morning, I did not have to be at the hospital until 1:30. We decided to go early in case I could get in to see the doctor sooner (wishful thinking, I guess....). After eating lunch, I was called back to see my doctor at about 2:15. He told me that he watched me walk in and asked how I was feeling, as I am walking fine. I told him I feel great, no pain and I was hoping for good scan results. He told me that my CEA came down from a 98.1 four weeks ago to a 77. I was so happy about that. I don't know why that number has me so hung up, but I was glad to have it come down. And while it's still high, I am happy it's not as high as it was. My brain scan came out clear, I have a brain and nothing extra that doesn't belong! My lungs, liver, kidneys, etc are all healthy as well. All of the spots I have in the bone are stable, and I did have one new spot on my left femur, I think close to where they spotted the one in my hip. He told me that none of the spots are being measured, as they are all small. I took all of this as really great news. Although I still wish one day that my scans will show complete healing, I am thankful that God has brought me this far and I feel so good. There is still another type of chemo that I can go on if it's determined that the one I am on is no longer effective. But for now, they are keeping my regimen the same and I will go back on June 8th.

I went up for my chemotherapy after my appointment, and was happy to be finished earlier than expected. We left the hospital at about 7:45 pm and my mom actually drove us all the way home!! We got back to my house at almost 4 in the morning. That's amazing in itself, as we expected to stay somewhere half way home and finish the drive in the morning.

I have been tired the last few days, but made it out to cut the grass today, so I am feeling good now. I can't believe sometimes how much my body has gone through, and how strong I still am. Thank you for your prayers, as these scan results were what I needed to get me though this summer. I will be rescanned again in August, and I will continue to pray for complete healing to be shown.

This is the chorus to a song that I really like right now. You can click here to hear the song performed by NeedToBreathe.

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

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