June 22, 2010

I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know that I am still doing really well after radiation. The steroid that I was supposed to be on until the 20th was stopped early, around the 10th. I was unable to sleep and it was making me feel like I was crawling out of my skin. They said since I was on such a low dose, it was safe to just stop. It took a few days for it to wear out of my system, and I was so thankful when it did! I am back to feeling like myself again, although I am still having a hard time sleeping.

My mom and I are leaving in just about an hour, around 5 pm, to drive back out to CTCA. I have a swollen spot on my neck that I requested to have scanned to be certain of what it is, whether it is fluid or a tumor growth. I am hoping it is just fluid. This will help determine what chemotherapy regimen I will be starting tomorrow. My CT scan is set for around 8:30 am central time. I will see my doctor at 3:15 central time and then I will start chemo at 5 pm. I am not sure how long the chemo will take, as I am not sure what I will be on just yet.

We will be staying overnight tonight and tomorrow night, driving home Thursday morning. Please pray for safe travel, positive scan results, and wisdom for my doctor to know what chemo is best for me.

I will update when I get home.

This song is one that I listened to over and over on my last trip to CTCA. The chorus says "It's a promise I was made for, born for. To see Heaven opened up on earth. It's everything I'd fight for, I'd die for. To see Heaven invade this earth. Oh, open up Heaven! We will party with the angels! There is nothing better. We're ready for encounters with You!"

That's how I feel about my situation right now. His promises are what I was born for. Bringing glory to God through this is everything I fight for. A Heavenly invasion on earth!

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