July 14, 2010


As my mom and I were driving home from CTCA Tuesday afternoon, I told her that sometimes I feel like a little spider in the sink. You know, the one that you startle as you turn on the water. Realizing he is there, you turn the water off and watch as he tries to escape the sink and the watery doom below. Just as he makes it to the top of the sink, he falls right back down to where he started. By this point, the water has drained but he still manages not to go down the drain as well. He tries again to climb to the top and get out, and falls yet again. You root for that spider, at least I do. I root for him to make it out of that sink and on to better things. I feel like I can relate to that spider.

Tuesday evening as I went into the bathroom at my house to brush my teeth before bed, I turned on the water and wouldn't you know it there was a little spider in my sink! I turned off the water and I thought, wow... have I really been gone that long that there are spiders making homes in my sink? Then I thought, Mike has been home... has he not used this sink the whole time I was gone? Surely he has brushed his teeth! In the middle of this conversation with myself, I remembered the thought I had only a few hours before about the spider. And so I began to root for him. I leaned in and watched as he made the climb up the white side of the sink. And he fell. This did not stop me... I rooted on! Again, the little guy tried and fell. Don't give up, Spidey.  Go! Go! Go! Go!

And then it happened. The spider made it up the side and over the edge onto the counter! YAY! He made it! I clapped all by myself for this little guy! He did it!

I know that some may think I am silly for comparing myself to this spider in the sink. But I am a person who looks for God everywhere. I have never used the analogy of me and a spider before yesterday, and the very same night, one is in my sink... and even better... he made it out alive. On to better things!

My brother, Brian, emailed me early this morning to tell me he also had a spider in his sink that morning and he made it out okay as well.

You can either think that 1. We have lots of spiders in our sinks. 2. I make weird analogies. or 3. God will use any way possible to get our attention.

If you haven't read my July 13, 2010 entry, you may want to be caught up before reading the rest of this entry. For those who have read it, I can tell you that I got a phone call from CTCA this afternoon. The radiation oncologist wants me to come back Monday the 19th to see him and begin radiation on the whole brain right away. He doesn't feel comfortable waiting the three weeks to see me. I have to go back on the steroid to prevent any swelling before it develops. The hardest part is that I will have radiation Monday thru Friday for three weeks, which means that Zion, IL will be my home for the next three weeks. I am hoping to be able to come home on the weekends... I get so homesick so I am praying this will be possible. My mom is going to go with me. We will be leaving Monday morning to make a 2:00 pm central time appointment.

Just like the spider, I know people are rooting for me. All I can ask is that you not only root for me, but also pray. Pray with faith that I will in fact make it out from this cancer thing okay and go on to better things. I believe it everyday. I see God's hand on my life everyday.

I will update as much as I can while I am away.

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