September 9, 2008

I took this picture today while I was out. Thankfully, I seem to always have my camera on me these days. This view of the sky just struck me as so amazing. I think this is a lot like how I feel some days. Not all sunshine, and not all rain... there's a little bit of both.

A couple of weeks ago, I returned home from vacation to find the flowers I had recently planted in the front of our house had nearly all wilted away. I set up a sprinkler on a timer to ensure that that would not happen, so I am not sure why it seemed to anyhow. I was disappointed that the pretty blooms had faded too fast...

Mike and I have been attending a new church for several weeks now, and I really know that God has placed us there for a reason. We both feel like the message preached is aimed directly at our recent circumstances. This week, our pastor spoke about entering into the sufferings of Christ. It went along so much with my last entry. Although Christ did not intend on us facing the trials we do, He sometimes still allows it. When we turn from our old ways, and decide to put our trust in Christ, it is then that He draws us in so much closer to Himself. It is through those sufferings that we truly bloom into who we were meant to be in Him.

I guess with all the rain we have had recently, I did not seem to notice that my wilted flowers were now in full bloom again! It was because of the rain that they were able to become more beautiful than before... even with drops of rain still on their petals. It may have looked dark and gloomy outside, but there was beauty that came from it. The picture below was taken only 10 minutes after the one at the top...

I have received several emails since I have been home from Chicago. I wanted to thank you for writing me, as it is so encouraging to know that people are praying. I just wanted to apologize that I have been slow in responding. I have felt God just telling me to be still lately. To listen to what He is saying. I am preparing myself for surgery, and I know that He will reveal Himself to me so that I can follow where He wants me to go from there. Please continue to remember me in your prayers... I will remember you in mine as well.

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