October 2, 2007

Isaiah 40:30-31

30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
       and young men stumble and fall;
 31 but those who hope in the LORD
       will renew their strength.
       They will soar on wings like eagles;
       they will run and not grow weary,
       they will walk and not be faint.


When I visited the neurosurgeon a couple weeks ago, that was a day that people were praying and fasting. When he ordered an MRI, I asked him what facility that would be done at. He looked at my chart, and said that they could have it done right there because my insurance would allow it. He said :"You're United, so it's okay." (I have United Healthcare Insurance). I can remember thinking that on that day more than any other, I was united with so many others, believing in God's word.

When I called the Cancer Treatment Center, they set up our flight out here. I remember her calling me back with the flight information, and saying "Okay, you're flying United...." and again, I thought that was neat because we are. Mike and I are the only ones physically out here, but we feel united with such a support system and a circle of prayer.

Our flight out was less than an hour long. There was some bad weather and we had a bumpy ride for awhile. Out of my window, I could see the wing of the plane. Sometimes, the fog  was so dense that you could not see the wing anymore. It took a little while before we were above the clouds and the weather. Once we were, the skies were blue and the clouds looked like mountains under us. It's amazing to be able to fly above that.


This made me think of this verse in Isaiah. If we were to rely on our own strength, we would be exhausted. That plane took a while to rise above it all, and when it did, the view was beautiful. That is where my hope lies... that the Lord will help me to rise up and soar on wings like the eagles. Soon, instead of going right through the storm, I will be above it all.

Everyone here has been great to us. I met with the surgical oncologist today and started blood work, etc. I have been having a lot of back pain in this last week so I have a CT scan on Wednesday to see why. We will be going through a series of educational classes before that. On Thursday, I have a few more tests and I will be meeting with two doctors on Friday to decide on the best course of treatment. More than likely, the treatment will be started while I am here, providing God's direction.

I will continue to send updates home as I know anything. As I said, I am having quite a bit of pain in my back and in my neck, which has made it difficult to sleep. Please pray that God will touch these areas specifically. Also, for wisdom for these doctors. I want them to hear and listen to where God is directing them as well.


I get homesick very easily. It makes it so much easier being able to feel the prayers and support of so many people while we are here. Thank you for that.




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