October 5, 2007


This update is brought to you courtesy of Marie, Amy's mom.  Amy is in Illinois at the Cancer Treatment Center of America this week, and is not able to update this on her own (she is able to check her emails though, in case you wanted to contact her while she's there).

I spoke with Amy late this afternoon and she only had enough time to tell me that they were starting chemo immediately.  She will have at least a six hour treatment tonight, and two more treatments Saturday and Sunday. 

Two years ago when she was undergoing chemo, she only had one day of treatments every three weeks, so this round seems to be more intense than the first time.  I know that Amy would want everyone to be praying for her this entire weekend and especially on Tuesday because she is flying home.  As most people are aware of, chemo can make a person sick.  Flying could be difficult if she is already sick from the chemo.

Our whole family appreciates all of the prayers that are being lifted on Amy's behalf. 


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