October 8, 2005

I had my latest MRI this past Wednesday, October 5. I go to the Cleveland Clinic for an MRI every eight weeks. Along with my MRI, they take my blood, and then I talk with my doctor. He goes over the results of the MRI and the lab work, and then tells me whether or not we need to make any changes in my treatment. The wait time between the MRI and the doctor’s report of his analysis seems like an eternity. I usually carry the films with me from the MRI and hand them to the nurse when I arrive for my doctor appointment. Waiting to hear his analysis of what he sees on the films is nerve-racking. I know many of you have been in similar situations. As soon as the doctor opens the door, I analyze his facial expression and body language to determine his demeanor and make a quick mental prediction about what the MRI might show.

On Wednesday, Gwen and I were sitting in the small examining room waiting for the doctor. Our wait is usually fairly long (it probably seems longer than it really is). But this time the door opened sooner than usual. I examined the doctor’s facial expression as he stuck out his hand to greet us. He said hello, followed by the words, “rock stable.” His words came so quickly, there was no need for guessing this time. Good news! I breathed a sigh of relief and even smiled. He went on to say that in addition to comparing the current films to the MRI eight weeks ago, he went back to films from last February to make a comparison. Compared to last February everything looks the same, if not better. Thank God!

Since I’ve been doing so well, he extended the time until my next MRI. Instead of having another MRI in eight weeks, I’ll go back in twelve weeks, which puts my next MRI just after the first of the year. He has also decreased some of my medication. Over and over the doctor told us how happy and excited he was that I am doing so well. When we left the room, we saw our nurse in the hallway who said, “There’s our star patient!”, and gave Gwen and me a hug. Apparently God’s work in my life is getting people’s attention in the doctor’s office, too.

I continue to pray that God will bring attention and glory to Himself through my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you. It is also encouraging to hear from those who have shared my story with others who, in turn, have been uplifted by God’s faithfulness to me. Thank you for your continued prayers.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name!”  -Psalm 103:1


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