November 15, 2009

Well, I am off to CTCA in Chicago bright and early in the morning. Tomorrow, my mom and I will start out by 7 am eastern to get there by 1 pm central time. I need to go back and count how many trips we have actually taken. I used to know off the top of my head, but somewhere along the way I lost count. I think partly because I am constantly on some type of chemo, I don't really know how to count how many sessions I have had.

Anyhow, Mike and I went to church this morning. We have missed the previous 4 weeks due to one or both of us having some sickness. Fortunately, we are both feeling much better. I have stated before how much I love the church that God has led us to, so it was nice to be back. Our associate pastor preached today, and I really like the fact that I enjoy listening to our pastor and associate pastor equally. Our associate pastor has really had it on his heart to take a stand against cancer. He has been so incredibly supportive of me and I feel like he is after this cancer thing just as fiercely as I am. I need that. His message today had to do, in part, with the authority Jesus has given us to heal the sick. It is us as Christians, who are sometimes too passive in accepting this gift, which truly is a gift. I will continue to pursue it, and with God's help, we will get to that healing!

Before I went to bed tonight, I just really felt like I needed to spend some time with God. I am having scans tomorrow. A CT scan and a bone scan, which is typical. A few months back, we had a guest speaker at our church named Mark DuPont. After he preached, he wanted to pray for some specific groups of people. Most of the time when people pray for me, they pray specifically against the cancer. When he prayed, it was different. He asked for anyone who has problems with their bones to stand up. Since this is where my cancer has spread into, I stood, as did others. He prayed first specifically for the leg area. I know that I have been told by doctors a spot showed in my leg. He then prayed for the spine area. I have been told I have or have had spots in the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine (basically, my neck, middle, and lower back). Then he prayed for the hip area (again, I have been told I have a spot in my left and right hip). Then he prayed for the pelvis. (you guessed it... I have been told I have a spot there too.) He did not mention the chest or sternum, and this was good because I believe God specifically healed this spot already in September of 2007. He prayed for the bones to regrow and heal.This day has come to mind often since then... I have just not had the scans yet. Until now...

I am not anxious or worried about the results. I have a good feeling... I believe God has given me that assurance. That peace. I prayed as I was getting ready for bed for a scripture specific for me tonight. I prayed, "Where should I go in Your Word? What do You want me to know?" Immediately, I thought to look up the next two days date in Chapter and Verse. The days I will be in Chicago... November 16-17... 11:16-17. But what book? So I started searching. I came to Job 11:16-17 and knew that was it.

Job 11:16-17

16You will surely forget your trouble,
       recalling it only as waters gone by.

 17 Life will be brighter than noonday,
       and darkness will become like morning.

So this is the Words of hope I will carry into tomorrow. I am not going into it with fear.... I am moving ahead bold and confident.

I know I posted the song While I'm Waiting before but I would like to again.... the words go so well with how I am feeling.

Also, if you have extra time, reread my November 7, 2008 entry. I did tonight and it encouraged me all over again.

I will post my scan results as soon as I can... hopefully we will be home Tuesday evening and I can post it then!

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