December 9 2005

MRI findings: We heard from the doctor today regarding my most recent MRI. He said that he was encouraged by what he saw. It appears that the tumor is stable, and he noticed no new growth. He went on to say that there were areas of the tumor that look to be smaller than the last MRI that was taken. PRAISE THE LORD! God is working! My prayer has been that we’d get some good news that would give us extra reason to celebrate during the Christmas season. This is it! Although the tumor is still there, this is encouraging news.

You may remember that when I saw the eye doctor last month he tested my vision. His tests showed that my vision was better than the previous test. He suggested that this may indicate that the tumor was improving. So this is two doctor’s reports in a row that have given us positive news and hope! Please rejoice with me, and share this with anyone you know who has been praying for me. Even though the tumor is still there, things are heading in the right direction. I give the credit to my Heavenly Father. He is healing me, and it really makes no difference to me whether he does it through His divine touch or through the medication.

I’ll be continuing my currently prescribed chemotherapy. I’ll continue to take my pills at home, which is another answer to prayer. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the prayers of so many friends. Be encouraged that your prayers are being heard and answered, so keep it up!


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