December 15, 2006

It is so amazing to me that Emily really was born today, on Jeff's birthday. When Jeff first passed away, I mentioned how sad I thought it was that this baby would never know her uncle, and he was truly a man worth knowing. She will share something with him now that no one else in our family shared with him. I really believe that God opened the curtains in Heaven and Jeff saw this beautiful baby come into the world. He thought it was so neat that she was due on his birthday. All of the verses we prayed when Jeff was sick about choosing life came back to me today as we waited for this new life to come.

When Jeff first found out that this baby was due on his birthday, before we knew if it would be a boy or a girl, Jeff joked that if it was a boy, Tommy would have to name it after him and Jeff. His name  should be Thomas Jefferson. I still think this is funny to this day.

Jenn went into the hospital today at noon. Olivia played in the waiting room with her toys and surprisingly did not mention the soon arrival of her baby sister. The waiting room was down a hall, around the corner and down another hallway from where Jenn's room was. At about 6:15 this evening, Olivia was watching the Wizard of Oz when she turned her head and said "Is that my baby sister I hear crying?" No one else heard anything, they were all out of earshot of her room. Emily was born at 6:09 and Tommy said she didn't start to cry until they started to clean her off a few minutes later. We have no idea how Olivia could have heard Emily cry. Today was full of so many neat surprises.

Please thank God with me that both mom and baby are doing great. God is still in control. He gave us a day to rejoice for life!


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