Sunday December 17, 1995

What will we be like in heaven? What will we look like? 1 Corinthians 15 gives good insight into this matter. Paul tells us several things about our heavenly bodies.

1. We will be different in heaven that we are on earth. Just as a seed is placed in the ground to yield a plant after its own kind, so our earthly bodies are sown to yield another kind of creation in heaven. Our small, dry, earthly, withered bodies will bring forth a perpetually fruit bearing plant. Our heavenly bodies will have all their own.

2. All of the results of sin in our earthly bodies will not be evident in heaven, for there is no sin. Our heavenly bodies will not be slowly dying. There is no death in heaven. There will be no sickness. No scars, no imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles, disabilities, handicaps, or weaknesses. We will be perfect in every way. Death will no longer be our destiny. Our physical differences here on earth that are considered weaknesses will no longer exist. There will not be varying degrees of beauty- all will be glorious. We will no longer be embarrassed or slighted because of physical and biological behaviors or abilities. There will be no more weaknesses. All will truly be equal in creation. Finally, perhaps most mysteriously, we will exist as spiritual bodies. The very fact that we exist within a physical body guarantees that we will have a spiritual body. Just as the first man was physical (Adam) and the man after him was spiritual (Jesus), so our physical existence precedes our spiritual existence.

3. We will be like Christ in his heavenly spiritual existence. Jesus existed on the earth after his resurrection in his spiritual body. The travelers on the road to Emmaus did not recognize his appearance. Mary in the garden didn't either. He was able to eat. His scars were recognizable and touchable. However, he entered the room of the disciples without coming through a door or window.

4. Our sinful, earthy body cannot inherit the perfection of heaven and live in the presence of a holy God. We must receive perfection through Christ and be changed. Death is our change. It makes us eligible to receive our heavenly body and enter the presence of God. Death is not to be feared. It is a glorious time of victory over our earthly shackles.

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