Tribute to Amy (read at Amy's funeral)

How can I sum up so much of such a remarkable and inspiring person like Amy in this time. I can't, but I will do my best. For me to say that Amy was the best sister in law isn't enough. Because to me Amy is more than that, she was and will always be my sister, and best friend.
I am so proud to say that Amy was my sister, to have known Amy was one of the best things in my life. We shared so much together, she was such a rock, even when she was the one who was enduring the most hardship.  Amy never got to have kids of her own, but I learned so much about being a mom from Amy because she was a mom at heart and loved my girls just like they were her own, and they loved her just the same. Amy taught me to never give up, to laugh a lot, to love, and to look at the best of every situation.
Amy's testament and faith in God never stopped, even to the very end. One thing that Amy said to me just a few weeks ago was " our life isn't a competition to see who can live the longest, but it's what we do with our time while we are here that is what matters most." Amy may have only been 30, but she was so wise and insightful.
 Amy did so much for everyone, she would ask to pray for other people and their struggles, even when she fighting for her life, she was never selfish. I can say that through many walks, and many talks, Amy didn't complain about what she faced, she kept looking for the bigger picture. She knew that God had a plan and she trusted Him in every second, and every step of her life. Amy always talked about how strong and devoted to God Jeff was in his fight, and she looked up to him. And Amy, I know that Jeff is so proud of you right now for the unwavering
battle that you fought. You came out on top, and won. I know that Jeff was just waiting and excited to welcome Amy home. 
It's hard to think of a life here without Amy, there will be an empty hole in our family and in my heart with her gone. Amy radiated love, joy and beauty, all the while being humorous and making us laugh as well.  We are lucky to have been touched by the beautiful messages that God put through her. Being selfish, I want to call her and tell her about something funny the girls just said, or just to talk. But I know that she is in such a better place right now and she is just waiting for all of us, and just as we will have so many stories for her, she will have so many for us.
If I had to say what I though Jeff and Amy were doing right now, I would say, that they were going for a good run, I am sure with a dog or some pet that Amy has adopted, went fishing together, and then out for some Ice cream.
Amy won her battle with cancer because she never let it take over her. She fought so hard for so long, and she is the most amazing, strong, inspirational woman I will ever know, and I am so proud of you AmyI love you always and will miss you greatly.
  What an unbelievable woman Amy was and what an amazing man Jeff was, they both truly emanated the love they had for God. Chuck and Marie; mom and dad, who could ask for better parents. I love you both.


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